Poppy The Pony Girl

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Presenting Poppy The Pony Girl an original story.

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Written by Trainer81

Published on November 25, 2021

Kelsey hesitated for a few moments as she pushed back her long, gorgeous, dark brown hair, then stepped out of the elevator. As she looked down the corridor, she saw Mark waiting in the open doorway.

“I didn’t think you were going to go through with it,” Mark chuckled while observing Kelsey’s lovely body.

Kelsey would’ve made a retort but she had made a deal, and despite how stupid it was, she wasn’t going to back out now. A deal was a deal.

“Let’s just get this over with,” she said as she walked up to him, trying to maintain an aura of easy confidence. “Why did you want me here so early? You said the parade doesn’t start until noon.”

Mark smiled as he met Kelsey’s gaze. “It’s going to take a little time to get you ready and get down there. It’s going to be a long walk.”

“Why can’t we just drive down or take the bus?” Kelsey asked.

“The streets will be packed with people, and I don’t think we’d have much luck with the bus,” he responded.

Kelsey looked a bit puzzled, but she knew that Mark was calling the shots. It was all because of that stupid bet.

Kelsey and Mark worked together at Applebee’s, though Mark was the general manger and Kelsey was a server. Everyone knew that Mark was kinky, but he never said much about it. Kelsey didn’t really care either. Kelsey was content with their good working relationship. Mark was actually a really nice guy and everyone liked him. Being kinky never entered the equation.

Until the day of the football pool that is. Everyone choose a team to bet on. The person’s whose team reached the Super Bowl won a quarter of the pot. But if their team actually won the Super Bowl, they’d get the rest of the winnings. Kelsey and Mark both joined in. As the weeks passed by, Kelsey and Mark’s teams were in the running.

Then Kelsey’s team started to collapse. Injuries and a streak of bad luck drove her team to the ground.

One Friday afternoon Kelsey was sitting by herself in the break room, fuming at another loss by her team.

“God damn it!” she muttered as Mark entered the breakroom. He glared at the eighteen-year-old girl.

“Oh jeez, Mark… I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way… I just…” Kelsey hesitated, not knowing what to say.

Mark shook his head. “If it were anyone other than you, I’d have their ass fired. You’re special though.”

Kelsey looked up at Mark from where she was sitting. “I’m really sorry, Mark. It won’t happen again.”

Mark took a moment to look Kelsey over. Then, he decided that maybe she needed to be taught a lesson. She seemed like she could use some guidance.

“I mean it was the damn pool!” She continued.

“Kelsey, if that pool is so important to you, rather than cursing about it, how about a little side bet?”

“What… kind of bet?” she asked, sounding a little nervous.

“Well the season is almost over. Now my team isn’t assured of making it all the way. What I propose is that if they fail to win the Bowl, I’ll pay you $500.00 out of my own pocket,” he explained.

“And if they do win?” she asked, her eyes narrowing in a teasing expression as she looked up at him.

“You’ll accompany me in the Pride Parade next month.”

“That’s it?” Kelsey replied. This wasn’t as bad as she thought. The chances of Mark’s team wining were good but not guaranteed. Was there a catch? “What else is there?” she asked.

Mark smiled. He knew Kelsey wasn’t a fool, even though she needed someone to curb that tongue of hers. “You’ll have to be appropriately dressed for the occasion,” Mark said.

“What do you mean by properly dressed?” she asked nervously.

“I belong to a group called the ‘ASA’,” he replied, intrigued by the wide-eyed, surprised look on her face.

“What… No… No way. No way am I going to get involved in something like that,” Kelsey said, shocked he belonged to such a group.

“Suit yourself,” he said with a smile. “I’ll let you off the hook for now. However, one more slip of the tongue, and you’ll be searching for a new job.” With that, Mark left the break-room leaving Kelsey lost in thought.

Kelsey was stunned and scared by Mark’s offer. She knew that Mark would order her to be watched, waiting for one little excuse to justify firing her. The thought terrified her because she really needed this job. She graduated high school only three weeks ago. And now that she was out living on her own, the thought of losing her first job and having to look for another one scared her. How would she pay rent and her other expenses without it?

Plus, she really could use that $500. The chances of his team making it through the Super Bowl were slim after all. She considered it as she left the breakroom.

After some careful consideration, she knocked on the door to Mark’s office. He motioned for her to come in and close the door as Mark sat back in his chair. “You’ve reconsidered our bet?” Mark asked.

“Yes… I thought about it and I’ll take the bet on one condition.”

“That condition is?” Mark smiled at her.

“That you let things drop,” she said. “No retaliation.”

“I have no reason to retaliate, Kelsey. This is just a friendly little wager.”

“I mean for as long as I work here.”

“I see.” Mark looked at Kelsey thoroughly. “Done. It will end at that point.”

Kelsey thanked Mark and left the manager’s office feeling good about herself. That $500.00 dollars is as good as mine she thought quietly.

As the weeks passed, Kelsey watched as Mark’s team rose in the standings. Her heart sank as she watched the Super Bowl, witnessing for herself when Mark’s team easily won the game.

She dreaded his response all week. She hoped he’d forget or take pity on her and let her off the hook. Those hopes crashed through when his name came up on her cell phone. She almost didn’t answer the call, but she knew she’d have to face it eventually.

When she answered her cell phone Mark responded. “I’ll see you at my place this Saturday at 10:30 in the morning,” he said. “Don’t be late.”

To be continued in Part 2…


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