Poppy The Pony Girl

Eighteen-year-old Kelsey Olson starts panicking when it appears she’s going to lose the football pool at work. Her waitressing job at Applebees means she needs all the money she can get to make ends meet. So, when her manager, Mark offers the beautiful European American girl the chance to win that money back, Kelsey reluctantly agrees. Unfortunately, this bet doesn’t go as planned either, and Mark has something dark in store for Kelsey.

Kelsey’s body is used for Mark’s pleasure, at his command as he turns Kelsey into Poppy, his dream pony girl. Poppy faces things she never imagined as she submits to Mark’s will in time for the parade in which he shows her off in. She thinks the process of getting ready for the parade is the most challenging and humiliating part. But being led in front of all those people makes everything worse.

What Poppy doesn’t know, is there’s so much more in store for her to come. Being a pony girl isn’t a role she’ll be able to easily transition out of. Poppy the pony girl is about to become her identity for good.

Poppy The Pony Girl Preview

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